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Venture Capital

Last few weeks I was working on a project. It is a seed funding company for Chicago startups. I am trying to bring a few Chicago Entrepreneurs together to launch this seed funding company for startup companies in the state. I was meeting a few folks about this for the last few weeks. So far the reception is pretty good from both investors/partners and potential startups.

The idea behind is simple and straightforward. Very early stage startups apply to be part of the process. Few are selected as a batch. Selected startups with great ideas and talent will receive a little bit of money to work on their idea for 3-4 months. Our in-house engineering team works with them to build the product. In return, we take a small stake in the company.

During the development, they will receive guidance from experienced entrepreneurs in different aspects. Also will be introduced to other potential partners including clients, partners, investors, Venture Capital’s etc.. This is an effort to foster tech entrepreneurship in the Chicago area through this type of seed funding and angel investment. Initially, we are focussing on non-technical founders trying to build technology startups.

If you want to participate in this as a partner or as a startup please contact me.

Details of the project coming soon.

-Aji Abraham

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